Welcome To The Weird World Of Call Girls and Their Customers – Top 10 List

Real brothel stories from call girls.

The customer wanted to do doggy style. However, he wanted to use a weight lifting belt to get a better view of my ass. Excuse me? Well, he used the weight lifting belt on himself, to make sure that his stomach was not in the way for him to see my ass clearly. Wierdo!

The customer came to visit and immediately acknowledged that he had taken Viagra and overdosed. I asked why: “This opportunity can not be missed because of a limp dick”

Double protection, yeah two condoms. He specifically insisted that two condoms should be put on so that no STDs would be transmitted.

We were doing doggy style, but then his phone started to ring, he reached into his pants pocket while banging me and said, “I have to take it.”Then he continued to fuck me and at the same time, he sold some tires to the caller

One sixty-year-old told me that he had always wanted to fuck Oprah. He told me to imagine that I am Oprah. I`m white…

Someone would have liked that I farted during intercourse, and even on his face. Unfortunately, I could not agree with this. I do not mix up sex and farting.

Sex with breakfast. He wanted to do a role play where we eat breakfast and then we suddenly just start fucking. The same person has sometimes suggested a roleplay, where he comes home to his mistress who`s a schoolgirl for lunch and they start to fuck in the hallway. Yes, I will arrange this, but the breakfast costs extra.

Foot fetish men are sometimes really funny and shoe-fetish men. One time I just had to keep the shoes on which he brought with him while he masturbated. And when he was ready to cum I gave him the shoe so that he can cum in it.

Heres one more foot fetish story. He had this fetish where Im supposed to stand on his dick. I was not sure really how to do it or did not have the strength to do it. I did my best, but he would like it to be more painful…weird!?

The perfume guy visits me now and then. He gets off a scent and not any scent. He brings along a perfume bottle of Lacoste that I must apply, or he does not get an erection.