Do Jelqing Exercises Really Work?

Jelqing is a term used for exercise or series of exercises to stretch your penis.

The basic jelqing technique is to make a circle with your fingers around the base of your cock and then stroke towards the head without going over the head itself, which is important because you could easily injure yourself if you pass over the head of the penis with force.

Some techniques involve closing a circle around the base with one hand using the other hand to stroke and stretch towards the head. Some the opposite. Some guides tell you to have to be semi-erect first, but not all the way erect. And there are about a thousand variations on these basic strokes. Before I go into that, let’s get to the question at hand, so to speak, does Jelqing work? Well, it’s complicated.

Urologists, “dick doctors” will tell you the penis enlargement is bullshit.

These treatments do not make your dick bigger when you got an erection but they can give you more size when flaccid. They are useful treatments for Peyronie’s disease which is a curvature of the penis or for erectile dysfunction.

They may increase blood flow which can give you a harder erection which is great by the way. And that means that you haven’t actually grown but you are as big as your current penis can become because it is fuller instead of partially empty when erect.

Now, if you’re 25 you already get rock hard erections these treatments are going to do nothing for you. But if you 65 and you want a little more pressure in the hose these treatments do work but you know, so will Viagra, Cialis.

Let’s talk about a study where a group of men told about their experiences and their results with Jelqing.

The majority said no, they didn’t get results, which is expected. But here’s where things get weird. A small percentage of them said that they did grow. Now the bad news is, the vast majority of those guys said it was only by about half an inch.

I think what most likely is happening is that they are stretching the suspensory ligament so the penis isn’t growing, but they pulling more of it out of their body.

Now the consequences of lowering the angle of the erection may or may not be a good trade-off since a higher angle of erection are more correlated with pleasure for women during intercourse than size is.

But, also this might be important to you, most of them said that their flaccid length did improve. If your issue is locker room embarrassment in front of the other guys when you’re limp, jelqing might be the thing for you.